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Check out 90 Day Live this Sunday on TLC! I'll be on with Michelle Collins from Sirius Radio & Fresh Batch Podcast and other super fans & recappers. Don't miss it right after 90 Day Fiance airs. LIVE TV!!

This week in RealiTV, TLC’s 90 Day Fiance (0:00) brings all the boys to the yard. Actually, it just brings David to his sister’s rental to ask for money. BINGO! Molly cleans out Luis’s hoard while Nicole makes herself at home at Azan’s house. It won’t be for long if Robbalee can stop the wedding! Pedro doesn’t do himself many favors this week, but neither does River or Thirsty. #DehydrationStation. On CBS’s big summer hit Big Brother (31:00), Jodie dares to understand the game. As a BB virgin, the game is complex but the players’ personalities aren’t. Find out who Jodie cannot stand the most & help her figure out this game, please!