This week in RealiTV, Jodie revels in the glory of 90 Day Fiance! From Nicole ignoring May’s clouds to Molly dealing with Luis’s hoard, this show is the wind beneath our wings. However, things take a turn for the worse on Teen Mom 2 when David goes on many a tirade, and Queen Roxanne loses her shit. Don’t worry, Chelsea will provide the Disney Princess storyline to lighten things up <insert collective eye rolls>. 

Meet Jodie

  Photo Cred: Lane Quesada    Podcast Cover Art: Anne Goodrich &nbsp;www.goodrichdesign.net

Photo Cred: Lane Quesada

Podcast Cover Art: Anne Goodrich  www.goodrichdesign.net

Jodie is your best friend and inner voice as you cringe-watch all the shows you love & love to hate. 

Born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago, Jodie's sense of humor developed in observing the quirks of people around her. Her earliest impersonation of Gilda Radner at 6 years old is still a family favorite. As a latchkey kid with access to a TV, Jodie devoured reality shows & radio like The Real World, Loveline, Unsolved Mysteries, Saturday Night Live, Rescue 9-1-1, even 20/20 with Hugh Downs...you name the 80s & 90s show, Jodie has seen it!

As a mother, wife, and former elementary school teacher living in the same town she grew up in, Jodie takes her quick wit, brutal honesty, and love for all things "reality" to the microphone on the RealiTV podcast!